"Sheet Ghost" Pin

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Image of "Sheet Ghost" Pin

There are days when you don't really want to show who you are, talk about what your struggling with, or be seen at all. Most of us have days when we'd rather throw on a disguise than break down and be honest with where we are. Most of us have days when this is us in every social situation we experience. Anxiety is real, and it is commonly treated as if it is transparent.

We made this pin to help portray anxiety + depression; while having fun/looking good doing so.

This soft enamel pin is 1.5 inches tall.
It comes equipped with a rubber locking device and will easily accessorize most, if not all, things.

(This photo also features an enamel pin by one of our favorite artists, Kyler Martz! You can find his work here: http://www.kylermartz.com/ )


Image of "Sheet Ghost" Pin