"I Support You" Patch


Image of "I Support You" Patch

If there's one thing we'd like you all to know about who we are and what we're doing, it's that we believe we should be trying to support and encourage anyone trying their hand at being creative. Most importantly, we think that it shouldn't be that hard to do.

Being creative isn't always easy. Actually, most of the time, it's very hard. Sometimes, it's the hardest thing a person will ever attempt to do; but it's very important that they do it.

The "I Support You" patch was created to help shine a light onto the community of people who agree with that idea. This patch should be worn with pride, allowing artists and people alike to know where you stand and what you stand for. The "I Support You" patch should be worn as a reminder to you and everyone else on what it means to be part of a community. Don't talk down on other people. Don't talk down on one person's style because it differs from your own. Don't talk down on anyone trying to express their personal experience. Fight the urge to see someone as competition, and instead, fight to see them as a friend.

What we don't support? People being mean. People being exclusive. People finding ways to see themselves as better than anyone else. People who bite other people's art. People discriminating against other people. People trying to create rules on how art should be made and shared. People who don't care to encourage and uplift other people.

But those things should go without saying.

This patch is 3 inches wide and has been machine-embroidered. It has a very strong adhesive backing, making it very easy to stick onto any item of clothing or fabric. Once you stick it on, you won't be able to remove it. If you do, we aren't quite sure what will happen. "Yolo" ?