What We're Doing

"Just two kids making zines about art." 

Okay, okay; so we're making more than just zines. You get the point though?

Good Phats Zine Company is going to create pins, patches, zines, books, shirts, prints, and whatever else we feel like doing. We'll also be working on numerous submisson-based zines as well as art collaborations.

We founded Good Phats because we're as stoked about art as we are about dogs and Sunday mornings and babies smiling at strangers. 

We founded Good Phats as our alias while we find ways to use our mediums together as a crime-fighting duo to continue inspiring you to make the shit you enjoy making. 

We founded Good Phats because we just want to be motherf*ckin' art MOMS who hang all of your art up on the fridge at home - in our hearts. 

We founded Good Phats because we truly believe that there is enough room for everyone in this industry and feeling competitive will only tear you down. (Feeling competitive and fighting against someone biting your art, now that's a different story. You go, YOU.) If we can help even just a few of you find that perspective, we're winners in our book.

It only took a few people to give us encouragement and support with our own work and it changed everything. We founded Good Phats to be that voice for as many people as we can - because that voice is essential to someone's creative process. 

We founded Good Phats because we discovered empowerment through self-publishing. It's really easy, it's really simple, and it's all yours. We're always here if you want to get involved, have any questions, or just want to introduce yourself and say hi.

We might not know you, but we sure support whatever it is you're trying to make. 


Elaine + Chloe